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Here's a survey British Airways were running on their website on 7 March 2009.


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Is this your first visit to


During the past 3 months, how many return trips have you taken for business or leisure purposes (main purpose) ?
Please include flights on any airline in the past 3 months.

(Select one for each type of trip)













> 10

Flights (return trips) 

Leisure Flights (non-bus return trips) 

Which airlines did you fly with in the past 3 months?
(Select all that apply)

Of the 3 airline trip(s) (for business or leisure) that you have taken in the past 3 months, how were the ticket(s) purchased for the trips flown on British Airways?
(Total of your selection needs to be equal to number of flights made with British Airways)

On the airline's website 

On a travel agency website 

At the airline's reservation centre or ticket office 

At a travel agency 

Through your corporate travel department/assistant 



There are 3 ways to check-in for your British Airways flights:

  • Online check-in: offers online check-in, providing a computer printed boarding card, on most routes up to 24 hours before departure. Bags may be checked once you arrive at the airport.

  • Self check-in: British Airways provides self check-in machines at most airport counters until 40 minutes prior to departure.

  • Manned check-in: check-in desks are available at airport counters

In general, what is your favourite way to check-in for British Airways flights? And the one you actually use the most?

The way that you prefer

The way you actually use the most

Online check-in 

Self check-in 

Manned check-in 


When booking air tickets for leisure purposes you usually:
Select one

Which of the following websites have you visited to research or plan air travel in the past 3 months?
(Select all that apply)



During the past 3 months, approximately how many times :
a-have you visited each of the following sites to research or plan air travel?
b-have you visited each of the following sites with an intention of booking?
c-have you purchased from those sites?

(Select one for each)

a. Number of visits
Past 3 months
including this one

b. Number of visits with
intention of booking on that website

c. Number of purchases
Past 3 months

Have you ever purchased a ticket on
(Select one)


Have you ever considered booking a flight with hotel or car on
Select one


Thank you for your responses thus far.
The remainder of the survey is about your visit to We'd like you to complete your visit to the site first.
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On this visit, specifically what did you come to do on ?
(Select all that apply)

How successful were you in completing that task today?

Completely successful

Partly successful

Not successful

Did you ultimately purchase a ticket on today?


On this visit, were you planning...?
(Select all that apply)

Which word best describes your overall opinion of
(Select one)


And using another scale, what is your level of satisfaction of (0 meaning that you not at all satisfied, 10 that you are very satisfied):


How satisfied are you with how performs on the following features?
(Select one for each)



satisfied somewhat


somewhat dissatisfied

very dissatisfied

don't know

Your Frequent Flyer information 

Ability to book multiple destinations/legs in one trip 

Ability to find information on the website 

Ability to book tickets using Frequent Flyer miles 

Pages that load quickly 

Ability to make changes to tickets online 

Ability to find promotional offers (bonus miles, special fares, email offers) 

Access your flight details on a booked flight 

Ease of online booking process 

Ability to find the best fares that British Airways offers on 

Website alerts on flight changes (cancellation, delays, gate change) 

Site is easy to use and navigate 

Check-in online 

Online customer service capabilities 

Regarding the booking process on, how satisfied are you with how performed on the following features today?





somewhat dissatisfied

very dissatisfied

don't know

Information provided 

Ability to match your request 

Speed of loading pages 

Presentation of flight schedules during booking process 

Number of steps during booking 

Ability to find the lowest price available on the website 

Were you aware that is accessible on mobile devices (Smartphone, PDA...)?

Which of the following Frequent Flyer programmes do you currently belong to?
(Select all that apply)


Currently Belong to

British Airways (Executive Club) 

Aer Lingus (Travel Award Bonus) 

Air Canada (Aeroplan) 

Air France - KLM (Flying Blue - ex-Fréquence Plus) 

Alaska Airlines (Mileage Plan) 

Alitalia (Mille Miglia) 

America West Airlines - US Airways (Dividend Miles) 

American Airlines (AAdvantage) 

bmi (diamond club) 

Brussels Airlines (Privilege) 

Cathay Pacific (Marco Polo Club) 

Continental Airlines (OnePass) 

Delta Air Lines-Song (SkyMiles) 

Emirates ( Skywards) 

Etihad Airways (Etihad Guest) 

Finnair (Finnair Plus) 

Iberia (Iberia Plus) 

JetBlue (TrueBlue) 

KLM - Air France (Flying Blue - ex-Flying Dutchman) 

Lufthansa - Swiss (Miles & More) 

Northwest Airlines (Worldperks) 

Qantas (Qantas Club) 

SAS (EuroBonus) 

Singapore Airlines (Kris Flyer) 

Southwest (Rapid Rewards) 

Swiss - Lufthansa (Miles & More) 

United Airlines - FlyTed (Mileage Plus) 

US Airways - America West Airlines (Dividend Miles) 

Virgin Atlantic (Flying Club) 

Other (Please specify)  

None of the above 

As an Executive Club member, what is your current membership level?
(Select one)

Which would be the most important improvements that you would like to see on
(Please be as specific as possible)
If you don't know, please go to the following question


Considering the current economic situation, how far do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?
One answer per line

In the current economic situation...


strongly agree

somewhat agree

neither agree nor disagree

somewhat disagree

strongly disagree

don't know

...You have reduced or are planning to reduce the number of business trips you take 

...You have reduced or are planning to reduce the number of leisure trips you take 

... You are paying more attention to the fares between airlines 

...You are visiting more travel websites when planning a trip 

...You are more likely to consider flying with well established airlines 

...You are postponing trips that you had planned 


Please tell us about yourself.
(Select one for each)


Household's total
annual pretax income

What is your country of nationality?




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Air One London - Italy flights

Air Malta London-Italy flights

BA London - Italy flights

easyJet London - Italy flights

Ryanair London - Italy flights

WindJet London - Italy flights

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