Hambleden Lock

The Hambleden Lock (near Hambleden Village, London) and its long weir offers a picturesque walkway across the River Thames. Originally built in 1773, the lock was completely rebuilt in 1870 and again in 1994 - it stands about a mile north of the village of Hambleden. Here is a series of photos taken of the crossing running from Mill End to Hambleden lock on the 14th September 2008. We began our walk next to the Hambleden Mill (spot all the Canadian ducks in front of the mill - they migrated from Canada some time back and decided they liked the place - better weather and few predators).

Hambleden Mill with Canadian ducks in front of it

The next photo is of the walkway over the Thames on the Mill End side.

the walkway over the Thames River at Hambleden

The Thames' water is allowed to flow through the Hambleden Mill Wier in a controlled manner.

water flow through lock at Hambleden

The force of the water across the Hambleden lock makes for some awesome Kayaking rapids.

Kayaking on the Hambleden lock

Kayaking on the Thames

Hambleden lock

A top spot to take a seat and watch the boats come in to the lock to be raised (or lowered) by water to the next level of the Thames.

a boat at Hambleden lock

Some pretty places:

Hambleden Mill has been around since at least 1338 - it no longer functions as a mill, but has been converted into flats.

house near Hambleden lock

Hambleden Mill house house at Hambleden lock

Houses at Mill End near Hambleden Lock

Brick & Flint house at Mill End

Mill end houses at Hambleden lock Brick & Flint house at Mill End


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