National Express baggage allowance

The baggage allowance for each passenger on a National Express coach is a maximum of 2 medium sized suitcases weighing no more than 20kg each and one piece of hand luggage. Hand luggage must be capable of fitting in the overhead luggage racks or under seats. If you do carry more than this allowance the National Express don't guarantee that they will be able to accommodate the excess baggage.

[see National Express site for most up to date baggage allowance rules]

Things you cant take

National Express are unable to carry items that are perishable including meat and fish, and other items that may be fragile or have sharp or protruding edges. You may not take the following items on a National Express Coach:

Any other items considered unsuitable for carriage by reason of their weight, size, shape or character.

Surfboards & skis can be carried but are subject to space being available.


National Express will accept lightweight manual wheelchairs for travel, subject to them being capable of being stowed in the luggage hold of the coach. National Express are unable to accept manual wheelchairs that are more than 20kgs in weight. Mobility scooters can also be stowed, but please check with National Express's Disabled Persons' Travel Helpline before travelling. National Express have a number of fully accessible coaches. Pre-booking is required to ensure that the wheelchair type is capable of being fully and safely secured on the coach. For further information, phone National Express's Disabled Persons' Travel Helpline on 08717 818179.

Animals and livestock

National Express accept assistance dogs on all of their services but no other animals can be carried.

Please note: all travel is subject to the National Express General Conditions of Carriage.

Permitted luggage on Eurolines services

You are allowed to take onto a service no more than two medium sized suitcases or rucksacks (of no more than 30 x 70 x 20cm in size and 30kgin weight), and one small piece of hand luggage. The permitted luggage varies for different services, and you should refer to the published timetable for a service or our other publications for details of the permitted luggage for a service. For this purpose, hand luggage means something that is capable of fitting in an overhead luggage rack or under seats.

Eurolines will not be obliged to carry luggage in excess of this allowance. If Eurolines agree to carry any particular luggage on any journey this does not mean that they have agreed to carry that luggage on any subsequent journey you make.

Fragile items such as electrical goods, portable televisions, and radio will only be carried if they are of reasonable size and securely fastened.

Please note: all travel on Eurolines services is subject to the Eurolines (U.K.) limited General Conditions of Carriage. Eurolines will carry your luggage on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage and any applicable Special Conditions.


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