St Davids

St. David’s in Wales is the smallest city in the United Kingdom and has a population of less than 2000 people, but was declared a city because it has a Cathedral.

Taking a bus from Haverfordwest to St. David’s, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful, scenic routes along the Pembrokeshire coastline. The entire coastline around St David's forms part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and St David's is the only city in the United Kingdom to lie entirely in a national park.

In addition to the cathedral, attractions in the city include the 13th century Tower Gate, the Celtic Old Cross and a number of art galleries. St David's is also a popular base for walking and water sports. It has several hotels and a youth hostel, and a number of pubs.

Visiting the Cathedral is a must, the magnificent architecture, beautiful stained glasses and breathtaking grounds will leave you wanting to see more of this Cathedral. Once inside the Cathedral, there’s no better place to sit down and have a quiet reflective time whilst enjoying some of the age old craftsmanship and some great organ music! The light streaming in from the stained windows, shine onto dozens of daffodils, which give off a golden glow, absolutely breathtaking.

Leaving the Cathedral, you will find lots of great walks, which boast the magnificent Pembrokeshire Coastline. There are lots of stunning views and nice benches, for you to sit on, have a rest and take in the views.

A trip to St. David’s will not be complete if you haven’t tried any of the restaurants but most importantly, you have to try the ice cream shop which is just up the road from the Cathedral. I have never tasted such delicacy and I will definitely visit St. David’s again, even if it’s just for the ice cream!


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