KLM gay getaway competition

How hot are you on your gay capitals? KLM UK are running a competition where you guess each destination from 10 photos provided, to be in with a chance of winning two tickets to one of KLM's top gay capitals. Competition ends 26 September 2010. Here are the questions and my answers (not necessarily correct):

  1. If you are in the Meatpacking district, you're in the right place (New York).

  2. 114,000 couples tie the knot each year in this gay hot spot (Las Vegas).

  3. This gay capital is home to the tallest guys in the world (Amsterdam)

  4. Toga wearing gladiators used to strut their stuff in this eternal city (Rome)

  5. A mountie wouldn't look out of place in this gay capital (Vancouver)

  6. Known for its gold rush, Golden Gate Bridge and good looking boys & girls (San Francisco)

  7. Take the metro to Diagonal for example and you are in the heart of this gay city (Barcelona)

  8. Head for the beaches at Camps Bay (Cape Town)

  9. Rodeo Drive is no ordinary parade of shops (Los Angeles)

  10. La Promenade des Anglais is the place to be seen in this seaside French gay capital (Nice)


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