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The following airlines operate direct flights from London to Pisa (Italy) Galileo Galilei Airport.


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London Gatwick
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Pisa Galileo Galilei

Pisa Galileo Galilei

Pisa Galileo Galilei

Pisa Galileo Galilei

Thank goodness for all these people holding up the leaning tower, otherwise it would have fallen down long ago!

holding up the leaning tower of Pisa

Footage of the Swiss Alps on a flight from London to Pisa:


Cruise to Pisa

To cruise to Pisa you actually cruise to Livorno, and catch a bus or train through to Pisa. We arrived at Livorno on the Royal Caribbean International's Liberty of the Seas (the 2nd biggest cruise ship in the world). There were regular free buses from the ship into Livorno's city centre, and we took one of them.

Royal Caribbean International's Liberty of the Seas at Livorno

Livorno to Pisa

To go by train you catch Bus number 1 to the train station in Livorno, after the train trip it's some 3km from the Pisa train station to the leaning tower (you can use a bus or walk). Alternatively, there is a bus which costs 15 euros from Livorno's city centre to Pisa and back again (alternatively you can pay 20 euros and get a CitySightseeing tour of Livorno). I would advise to leave early for this, otherwise you could find yourself without enough time to go up the leaning tower (like we did). Here's a photo of the Town Hall of Livorno next to the historical centre.

Town Hall in Livorno, Italy

As you walk from the bus stop to the leaning tower you pass a bunch of markets, where they're selling t-shirts, umbrellas (I bought one for 3 euros), cooldrinks and other paraphernalia. Be careful of pickpockets - as a South African I'm naturally mindful of crime, but was especially careful here - I was even warned by a shopkeeper to watch out for the gypsies!

a market in Pisa, Italy

As I saw the leaning tower for the first time I remembered how I'd first heard about it years ago, how physics lecturers had wondered whether Galileo had really been dropping weights off it to see whether they hit the ground at the same time (I'd be surprised if he didn't).

leaning tower of Pisa

Baptistry of St John in Pisa, which began construction in 1152 and was completed in 1363.

Baptistry of St John in Pisa

The Duomo of Pisa is a beautiful Cathedral next to the leaning tower, built between 1064 and 1092.

Duomo of Pisa

Here's the Fountain with Angels (La Fontana dei putti) with the leaning tower in the background.

Fountain with Angels in Pisa, Italy

As we left the Square of Miracles, there was a person at the exit asking us to sign a petition against drugs - it seemed suspicious, so I walked past him. I think it's a scam where they ask for a contribution after you've signed.

There's a touristy Ristorante near the leaning tower, but at 3pm their menu was very limited, got offered a Caprese salad (yuck) or a Margerita pizza (couldn't get them to add blue cheese).

Ristorante in Pisa

It wasn't difficult to find the area in which our bus was parked, as there were hordes of people walking the path. However, to find our specific bus amongst all of them was a different story. Pisa is indeed a major tourist attraction!

The Norwegian Epic was docked next to us in Livorno Harbour. Here's a photo from our cabin on the Liberty of the Seas.

Norwegian Epic in Livorno Harbour

Here's the view of the Lighthouse of Livorno, as we left the port on Royal Caribbean International's Liberty of the Seas. Built in 1344, the lighthouse was destroyed by retreating Germans in WWII, and rebuilt in 1956.

lighthouse of Livorno


Find Italian clothing-labels in Borgo Stretto (remember to explore the alleys for better prices) and Corso Italia. Get your fresh produce at the Piazza delle Vettovaglie market.


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