London to Venice flights

The following airlines operate direct flights from London to Venice:


British Airways





London Gatwick
London Heathrow

London Gatwick


Luton Stansted


Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo
& Treviso Airport

easyJet London to Venice flight review

14 Sep 2008. EasyJet's surly flight attendants had no idea that their 1755 flight from London Gatwick to Venice was being reviewed by Let's start with the good news - we still prefer easyJet to Ryanair (simply because they allow luggage up to 20kg, whereas Ryanair limits one to 15kg, with 12 pounds per extra accidental kilogram).

easyJet plane at Venice Marco Polo airport

An efficient check-in process

easyJet have an efficient check-in process at Gatwick - before check-in there is a scale available to ensure no nasty weight surprises at check-in (it would have been handy if they displayed the weight limitations near it). The long queues moved quickly.

easyJet check-in at London Gatwick Airport

Flight delayed

The fact that the flight was delayed by some 20 minutes was not as confusing as the fact that the delay was not announced. Eventually boarding was called. EasyJet don't have allocated seating and so it's first come first served, but you can purchase priority seating. If you do purchase priority seating I advise you to loiter around the boarding area, otherwise there'll be too many people in the way (and easyJet don't wait for anybody) - in our case some of the "A class" got in before us as we fought our way through the masses to get in.

The cabin crew

The cabin crew seemed as though they had had to put up with a lot in their day (unruly football fans?) - they clinically went through their job in a cold efficient manner (the low cost carrier ethos?).


The seats on this easyJet plane had no button to recline them with. I was pleased with this, as I have witnessed too many altercations in my time about seats being reclined (note that this is not the case on all easyJet flights, some of their planes have reclining seats).

easyJet plane at London Gatwick airport

Efficient baggage collection

Customs and ground crew at Venice Marco Polo Airport were suitably efficent - the customs queue was long but fast-moving, and the baggage arrived quickly. Was interesting to see how they've designed the baggage machine like a roulette wheel (I'd never equated Venice with gambling).

roulette-like baggage wheel at Marco Polo Airport

Things to do in Venice


25 March 2012. Monarch Airlines commences flights from London Gatwick to Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Venice hotels

The best hotels in Venice are:


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