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Naples City Sightseeing tour

The Naples City Sightseeing tour starts outside the imposing Castel Nuovo. When we took the tour on the 22nd September 2008 it cost 22 euros per person (and our 18 month old travelled for free). This compared to a 20 euro cost for a 3-day bus pass around Naples. The City Sightseeing buses are rather infrequent (for instance on their red line they advertise a bus every 90 minutes - in my case it was 2 and a half hours between buses). To kick off the City Sightseeing tour, purchase your tickets at the ticket office at the base of the Castel Nuovo, which was first built in 1282 (it has had numerous additions and rebuilds since).

City Sightseeing ticket office

Castel Nuovo

tickets for the City Sightseeing tour Castel Nuovo in Naples

Looking down Via Vittorio Emmanuele. Looming over everything is the Jolly Hotel.

Naples' insane traffic

Jolly Hotel in the background Naples traffic

Piazza Dante, with a statue of Dante Alighieri (a poet) in the foreground.

Church in Naples

Piazza Dante in Naples a church in Naples, Italy

Statue of Venus Anadiomene, found in Pompei (can be viewed in the National Archaeological Museum).

Statue of Isis (with the key of life in her right hand) found in Pompei (can be viewed in the National Archaeological Museum).

statue of Venus Anadiomene found in Pompei statue of Isis, found in Pompei

View of Capri from Naples.


Santa Lucia yacht harbour

the City Sightseeing bus is open-top, allowing for photographs to be taken free of glass obstructions

Santa Lucia yacht harbour in Naples, Italy City Sightseeing bus in Naples, Italy

Statue in Naples along Via Francesco Caracciolo

the Egg Castle (Castel dell'Ovo)

horseman in Naples Egg Castle in Naples, Italy

The Gulf of Naples, with Santa Lucia harbour on the left, the Egg Castle in the middle and Mount Vesuvious on the right. At the base of Vesuvius is Herculaneum.

Bay of Naples (Italy)

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Naples blog of the week

9 Oct 2008
Naples to Sicily

SnowJon travelled from Naples to Sicily and took some fantastic photos. He visited Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Capri, Amalfi, Ravello, Salerno, Taormina, Stromboli, Mount Etna, Linguanglossa, Cefalu and Palermo.

town of Amalfi in Italy (near Naples)

Christian & Casey
2 October 2008
Guatemala in Italy

Christian & Casey, who hail from Philidalephia, stopped by Naples as part of a world tour they're doing. After getting past the shady characters at the train station, they headed off to Pompeii, which got destroyed in the 79AD eruption of Mount Vesuvious. They were particularly moved by Pompeii's ash mummies.


15 Dec 1973

John Paul Getty III, grandson of American billionaire J. Paul Getty, is found alive near Naples, Italy, after being kidnapped by an Italian gang on the 10th July 1973.

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