Ryanair flights from London to Italy

Ryanair operates flights to Italy from London Luton and London Stansted Airports (it does not operate flights to Italy from London Heathrow or London Gatwick Airports).

Italian destinations Ryanair operates flights to, from London Stansted Airport

Alghero (Sardinia)



Bologna (Forli)







Palermo (Sicily)










Italian destinations Ryanair operates flights to, from London Luton Airport



Trapani (Sicily)

Ryanair's bases in Italy

Ryanair has bases in Italy at Alghero (Sardinia), Bologna, Cagliari, Milan, Pescara, Pisa, Rome & Trapini.

Basic aircraft

A Ryanair flight does not include some of the amenities one is used to on modern aircraft - reclining seats, seatback pockets & window shades are all missing.

What you see isn't what you get

By the time you get through to the end of the Ryanair booking system, you will probably find yourself paying more than the price quoted, here's an idea of what it will cost you extra per passenger per flight (i.e. double it for a return flight):.

Airport check-in


Checked baggage
(maximum 15kg, 12/€15 per kg excess)

£130 for a 23kg bag
£85 for a 20kg bag
£10 for a 15kg bag

Unless you're paying with Visa electron


The above is something of a simplification to give you an idea of the extras, and it is possible that the terms and conditions have changed since I wrote that up (check the detail terms and conditions on the Ryanair website).


10 Nov 2008

Ryanair flight 4102 from Hahn to Rome Ciampano Airport crashlands at Ciampino Airport. The Boeing 737-800 lost engine power when a large group of starlings "engulfed" the plane. Attempts to increase power failed, and the plane made a hard landing at Rome Ciampino Airport. None of the 6 crew or 166 passengers were injured.

7 Sep 2005

Ryanair flight FR-9672, a Boeing 737-800, was on its way from Dusseldorf Niederrhein to Rome Ciampino Airport. Having weaved around storms during a prolonged attempted to land at Rome Ciampino Airport, the crew of a Ryanair flight opted for an unplanned landing at Rome Fiumcino Airport (rather than the diversion of Pescara). As a result of the crew not updating the flight management system, the pilots lost position awareness. The co-pilot didn't switch radio frequency to the Rome Fiumicino Airport approach and instead requested descent to two thousand feet. As the plane was heading for the parallel 34R approach path, air traffic controllers instructed an immediate descent to one thousand feet because this approach was in use by a Club Air flight. After being instructed to track left for the 34L approach, the aircraft entered a violent downward microburst. The downward microburst coupled with the fact that the crew were not aware that they were flying too low, led to a decision to abandon the approach and divert to Pescara. The Ryanair captain's 3-month-old son had died a few days before the Niederrhein-Rome Ciampino flight, and the inexperienced co-pilot had not previously flown in adverse weather conditions.

Ryanair diversion from Ciampino to Fiumcino (Rome, Italy)


12 Oct 2012

Flights to Verona, Italy, are terminated.

30 Mar 2009

Ryanair launches a London Stansted to Trapani route, with fares starting from £8 including taxes and charges. , Laura McCormack  said that "Ryanair is delighted to welcome passengers on board its new service from London Stansted to Trapani. Trapani situated on the west coast of Sicily in Italy is an ideal holiday destination with fantastic clear blue seas, stunning scenery, sunny weather and sensational Sicilian cuisine. To celebrate its new route at London Stansted Airport, Ryanair is releasing one million seats for just £8. This offer is available to book until midnight Thursday April 1 for travel in April and May.  We urge passengers to log onto ryanair.com immediately, as these fares will be snapped up quickly." 

23 Dec 2009

Following a decision by Italy's civil aviation authority (ENAC) ordering airlines to accept driving licenses, government badges, fishing and hunting licenses and other documents to identify passengers at boarding gates for domestic flights; Ryanair threatens to halt Italian flights from the 23rd January 2009. "It's completely inappropriate for ENAC to introduce measures that reduce security on Italian domestic flights, compared with the security measures successfully used on all Ryanair flights in the EU and all Ryanair domestic flights in every other EU country," said Ryanair CEO Michael O' Leary.

On the 7th Jan 2010 Ryanair reached an agreement with Italy's ENAC that passengers on Ryanair flights within Italy will provide either a passport or valid EU national identity card.

30 Mar 2009

Ryanair launches bases at Alghero, Bologna and Cagliari (bringing to 7 its Italian bases), basing 2 aircraft at each airport.

7 Nov 2007

Italy's highest administrative court accepts an appeal by Ryanair against flight cuts at Rome's Ciampino Airport, suspending a plan by ENAC to reduce the flights out of Ciampino by various airlines to 100 from 138.

10 Oct 2007

Ryanair announces it will appeal the regional court in Rome's decision on slots at Rome Ciampino Airport. Ryanair wanted an "injunction to stop the Italian Government from unlawfully restricting the availability of low fares in the Rome market, a move that provides further illegal protection of Alitalia and restricts consumer choice". See press release on Ryanair Ciampino appeal.

8 Aug 2007

Ryanair files an appeal against the Italian authorities decision to cut flights from Rome Ciampino Airport, claiming the move was aimed at protecting Alitalia.

Jul 2007

Italy's civil air regulator, ENAC, decides to cut flights at Rome Ciampino Airport from 138 to 100 a day, effective from the introduction of winter schedules.

Financial results

to 31 Mar 2009

Ryanair results

Annual Information update

Ryanair is listed on NASDAQ and the Irish Stock Exchange.


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