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Murano, Venice (Italy)

Murano, an archipelago of islands in the Venetian Lagoon near Venice, is famed for its premier glass-blowing industry (and in particular its lampworking). While Murano has been a trading port since the seventh century, it has only been the centre of Venetian glass-blowing since 1291, when a Serenissima Republic ordinance decreed that glass-blowing be banned in Venice for fear of setting alight the city's (mostly wooden) buildings.

view of the entire Murano Island

We caught the number 5 ferry from San Marco Square to Murano. Here's some of the buildings we passed on the way:


Gritti Palace Hotel

Regina in Venice Gritti Palace Hotel in Venice

Hotel Bauer Palazzo

Hotel Gabrielli

Hotel Bauer Palazzo in Venice, Italy Hotel Gabrielli in Venice, Italy

San Giorgio

Hotel Bucintoro

San Giorgio island near Venice Hotel Bucintoro in Venice

Hotel Ca' Formenta

Scuola Navale Militare "Francesco Morosini"

Hotel Ca' Formenta near Venice, Italy Scuola Navale Militare Francesco Morosini

As one approaches Murano, its distinctive lighthouse (Faro di Murano) looms larger and larger. Established in 1912, The lighthouse marks the entrance to the Venetian lagoon.

Murano Lighthouse near Venice

As we arrived in Murano, somebody ushered us to a free display of glass-blowing. Here's a photo of two burly Italian men heating glass in the furnace.

Glass furnace in Murano, Italy

Hot molten glass just out of the furnace.

molten glass just out of the furnace

And actual glass- blowing:

glass blowing in Murano near Venice, Italy

Making a glass horse doesn't involve blowing, but it's pretty impressive nevertheless. This glass horse cost us 10 euros, and we found that as we wondered further from the boat terminal the price went down to 8 euros and eventually 3 euros.

newly completed glass horse in Murano

Click this link to download a video clip of glass blowing.

Here's photos of some other buildings in Murano:

Vetreria Ducale

Marco Polo Fornace

Vetreria Ducale in Murano, Italy Marco Polo Fornace in Murano, Italy

Mazzuccato International
Fondamenta Manin, 1
Phone 041 739580
Fax 041 739517
E-mail mazzuccato@mazzuccato.com

Gino Mazzuccato

Mazzuccato International in Murano Gino Mazzaccoto in Murano, Italy

Vetreria Artistica Gritti

Fornace CAM
Piazzale Colonna, 1/B
Phone 041 739944
Fax 041 739882

Vetreria Artistica Gritti in Murano Fornace CAM in Murano, Italy

Top Blog about Murano

15 Nov 2009
Murano photos

Julie & Dave took some lovely photos during their visit to Murano. Here's one of the central piazza.

central piazza in Murano, Italy

Islands near Murano

Lido, Poveglia and Venice.


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