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Hotel Ducale

We stayed a night at the Hotel Ducale on the 14th September 2008 - situated some 10 minutes from Venice's Marco Polo Airport (in Di Favaro), it is a convenient place to spend the night after a late flight (taxi trip costs twenty euros - no hotel shuttles for late flights). We booked the accommodation through easyJet whilst booking our London to Venice flight, and the first issue was that they duplicated our booking.

Hotel Ducale near Venice

Don't expect too much - whilst the beds were comfortable and clean, the decor of the hotel has a 1970s feel to it. The bath is very small, and the view from your window isn't enhanced by the fact that there are cigarette stumps scattered around the outside of the building.

Hotel Ducale near Venice Marco Polo Airport

I took a short stroll around in the morning, and found this war memorial in front of the Di Favaro municipal buildings.

Di Favaro war memorial

To get to Venice from Hotel Ducale, there is a bus every 10 minutes.

Internet access

Their wifi network wasn't working, but they were offering free internet access at their PC near the front desk.


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